Overview of Exercise

HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training is a form of interval training characterized by intense short anaerobic exercises with little to no resting. It is mostly aimed at impacting your cardiovascular system to keep in good form and excellent functioning. There is no specific duration that a HIIT exercise should take but it is recommended to be less than 30 minutes depending on the physical fitness of the person.

How to Adapt to HIIT Exercises

As a beginner, HIIT could be very bothering and tiresome so enduring may be a problem. What you need to do is to take yourself slow so that you adapt and get used to the system.
Start with normal warm-ups as you try to orientate your body to the exercises.
Do High-intensity exercise at a medium intensity until you feel exhausted.
Make yourself recover and cool down before you go for next.
Make sure you start with at least three repetitions of the high-intensity exercise before you go for a rest period.
Increase your speed and intensity as you get used to the exercises.
There is no specific time or intensity of training, it all depends on your physical fitness. Some people’s high intensity could be as low as jogging on a treadmill and they feel tired and exhausted. Just remember the entire HIIT session should last between 4 and 30 minutes.

Health Effects of HIIT Exercises

The whole purpose of HIIT training is to improve physical fitness by burning fats. These are exercises developed to impact the body intensely. Below are some of the advantages of the HIIT exercises Improve Cardiovascular Fitness-in 2015, systemic reviews in randomized trials found that HIIT burns fats stored in vessels thereby improving cardiovascular health.
Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease because atherosclerosis is reduced immensely.
Diabetic Reduction-This was approved after it was seen that HIIT reduces fasting blood sugar levels and also reduces insulin resistance.
Improves brain power and strength-Brain power and freshness is improved after every exercise so you can be sure to think sharply.

Homeopathic Exercises for Endurance


 It is a homeopathic intervention used to eliminate pain after exercises so that you do your next exercises comfortable. It also reduces swelling and muscle strain.

Rhus Tox 

Popularly used in the treatment of plantar fasciitis. It eliminates even muscle cramping and complete tiredness during exercises so that you endure.
Exercises alone are not enough to eliminate your hyperlipidemia, you need to also control your diet. In most circumstances, the first few exercises will help you lose excess water from your body but not fats. The body utilizes fats only under serious situations of starvation and extreme requirements of calories.
This means if you have eaten before exercise, what will be broken down is your food not stored fat. Continued exercises are what will make your body to turn to your fat stores and break them down in a bid to supply a sufficient amount of calories to cater to energy needs during your exercises. This explains why people must do regular exercise and eat a healthy meal for them to lose weight.