Tonsillitis is simply an inflammation of tonsils. It is classified as partial pharyngitis and it is normally caused by a viral infection but sometimes bacteria can also cause the inflammation and swelling of the tonsils. Group A streptococcus bacteria is known to be the common cause of bacterial strep throat. It is not a life threating condition at early stages and if treatment is initiated early, people fully recover. Viral tonsillitis is self-limiting and you can be sure it will be over after some days. Tonsillitis could progress and make tonsils swell to the extent that you will need a surgical intervention to mitigate the situation.

Causes of the Condition

  • A most common cause is Virus commonly the adenovirus
  • Bacterial infestation like the streptococcus bacteria

There are many types of bacteria and viruses that could cause such infections so you need to be sure what is causing it before initiate any medical treatment. For viral infection of the tonsils, you can just manage it by taking medications that will reduce the inflammation and pain on your throat. The bacterial infection needs antibiotics because if not treated, it could progress to the worst conditions and require tonsillectomy for you to heal.

Signs and Symptoms of the Condition

  • Swelling of the tonsils
  • Pain when swallowing
  • High fever especially in children
  • General feeling of being unwell
  • Lack of appetite because you don’t feel like eating
  • Tiredness
  • Headache and all sorts of body weakness

Such signs can be felt if some hours or days before the onset of tonsillitis because the infective agent normally infects in a gradual and slow manner.


Homeopathic Interventions for Tonsillitis

Homeopathy can treat tonsillitis completely. Starting at the root cause and in time, curing the condition without the need for surgical intervention. Homeopathy medicines work by improving the body’s immune system and thus, making it less susceptible to infections.

There are few homeopathic medicines which are effective in Tonsilitis treatment are –

  • Hepar Sulph- This treatment approach is prescribed if you have complicated cases of Tonsillitis. Severe swelling and release of pus are one of the most common indications for this intervention. It helps to kill microbes causing the inflammation and makes you feel relieved.
  • Calcarea Carb-If you have frequent tonsillitis attack and you want to put them into a stop, this is the best remedy. It strengthens your mucosal immune system leading to a perfect defense against viral and bacterial infection. People who get tonsillitis due to reduced immunity can always use this kind of treatment to prevent themselves from regular tonsillitis.
  • Belladonna-The swelling, the pain, difficulty in swallowing can all be put into a stop by this kind of intervention. It helps to kill all microbes and reduce inflammation leading to quick and complete healing. This treatment brings instant relief and you can always enjoy excellent outcomes.

Other medicines are –

Merc sol, Baryta Carb,  Merc Iod Flavus,  Lycopodium Clavatum,  Phytolacca Decandra


You can combine medical treatment and these interventions because they don’t interact with any medications or drugs. If untreated, complications like difficulty in breathing, inability to swallow and even talking could be a problem. Always make sure you seek quick intervention before it starts releasing pus. You will enjoy excellent outcomes if you initiate effective treatment early. A homeopathic doctor can always make sure you receive top interventions that will treat and prevent you from such condition.

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