Suffering From Heavy Period(Menorrhagia)-Know Its Cure in Homeopathy

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Do you suffer from heavy periods? Is your everyday life getting affected due to it? If yes, you should read this blog and look for a safe and “no side-effect” homeopathic cure provided by a homeopathic clinic in Pune. 

What is Menorrhagia?

It is a medical term given to heavy periods. Typically, a woman passes through an average blood loss of 30-40 ml in 4-7 days, but in case of heavy and prolonged menses, the number of days may extend with heavy flow. Abnormal menstruation affects the standard quality of life accompanied by pain, weakness, and mood swings in many cases. Menorrgea is a symptom, not a disease. Almost 15 to 20 percent of women suffer from this, as reported by gynecologists. If untreated, it can lead to iron deficiency, lower hemoglobin, eventually causing anemia.

 Causes of Menorrhagia

 The  most common causes of menorrhagia include:

  • Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Polyps
  • Uterine Fibroids
  • Adenomyosis
  • Complications in Pregnancy 
  • Inherited Bleeding disorders
  • Thyroid Dysfunction
  • Certain Medications 
  • Other medical conditions

How Homeopathy Helps in Treating  Menorrhagia

Based on the case history and the causes, homeopathic medicines are prescribed to the patient. Homeopathy aims not only to cure the present disease but address the root cause so as to prevent recurrence of the disease in the future. The homeopathic medicines use a composition that is mild and does not impose side effects. The treatment may take longer when compared to alternatives but gives satisfactory permanent-like results. 

Caution: Homeopathy treatment prescribed for the Menorrhagia is based on the symptoms and history of the case. 

Menstruation is a natural cyclic process; hence homeopathy is best suited for the treatment because it may not provide instant relief, but it addresses the root cause, reducing recurrence of instances like the heavy flow and excruciating pain. Hence it is also effective in reducing the chances of developing anemia due to menorrhea.

 Homoeopathic Remedies For Menorrhagia

 Some of the commonly indicated homoeopathic remedies for treating heavy periods are :

  •  Phosphorus- It is indicated when the symptoms are irregular menses such as heavy or scanty flow. It helps treat uterine dysfunction, uterine polyp, and pelvic inflammatory disease. It helps mitigate pelvic pain extending up to the thighs.
  • Trillium Pendulum– It is usually given when there is a heavy loss of bright red blood gushing out of the womb. Some of the prevalent symptoms when it is given are faintness and dizziness.
  • Sabina– it is indicated when the blood flow has thick flow consistency with clots in it. It is also recommended in cases of treating miscarriages.

There are few more homeopathic medicines given, depending on the patient and kind of menses. The compositions are safe but should be taken only under the prescription and supervision of a good homeopathic doctor. You can visit Peachtree Homeopathic Clinic in Pune, which gained a reputation by curing numerous patients, happy with the results. For safe homeopathic treatment, visit our homeopathy clinic in Pune.



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