The basic sources are almost similar to a few other modes of therapeutics; though there are certain sources of homeopathic medicines which are not used by any other systems of medicine but are used in Homoeopathy. The major difference between homeopathic medicines and those systems of medicine lies in the method of drug preparation.

Some of the sources of Homoeopathic medicines are:

1.Plant / Vegetable Kingdom

Most of the homeopathic medicines are obtained from plants. Medicines are derived either from the whole plant or from a specific part of the plant namely bark; leaves; seeds; flowers; stem; fruits; roots (fresh or dried); algae or fungi.

It comes in various potencies starting from 6x to 12x to 30c to 200c to 1000c(1M) to 50M to CM in the ascending order. Some examples or drugs from the plant kingdom are Arnica montana, Bryonia alba, Cinchona officinalis, Pulsatilla nigricans, Rhus tox, Symphytum, etc.

2.Animal Kingdom

Certain homeopathic medicines are prepared from the animal kingdom. The method of preparation is the same as that of the plant kingdom. Here, the only difference lies in the source of medicine which is either living or dried whole animal; different parts; secretions; etc. Medicines are also prepared from the milk & venoms of poisonous animals.

A few examples of drugs are, Latrodectus mactans, Tarantula Hispania (Spanish spider), Tarantula cubensis (Cuban spider), Naja tripudians (King Cobra), Vipera (Russell’s viper), Sepia (Dried inky juice of cuttlefish), Cantharis (Spanish fly).


3.Mineral Kingdom

Approximately 20% of the homeopathic drugs are prepared from elements, minerals, acids or compounds. Individual minerals or their compounds are taken to prepare medicines. The drugs under this category are very useful and have a good medicinal effect. Individual drugs or compounds are taken and medicines are prepared. It also contains elements such as Phosphorous.

Examples of homeopathic preparations from minerals are Natrum Mur derived from table salt; Cuprum Met from Copper; Aurum Met obtained from Gold; Ferrum Met from Iron; etc.


Nosodes are homeopathic medicines prepared from morbid tissues or secretions; including blood, discharges, pus or saliva. Microbes, bacteria, viruses are also used to prepare nosodes. The extract is similarly diluted to remove the toxicity of the drug and thereon with further succussions higher potencies are produced.

Examples of homeopathic medicines obtained from diseased tissues are Ambra grisea which is considered to be a disease-product derived from the whale; Tuberculinum is obtained from sterilized tuberculosis bacteria; Anthracinum is derived from the diseased spleen of sheep; etc.


Sarcodes are prepared from healthy parts, tissues or secretions of animals. Higher potencies are efficacious in the treatment of various disorders.

For example, Drug Pancreatin is prepared from the secretion of the pancreas.


This is a very important and unique feature of Homeopathy. Drugs are actually prepared from universal energies.

For example, Alcohol is exposed to X–rays to have a drug called X-ray. Drugs are even prepared from Moon rays.

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