Bronchial Asthma refers to irreversible airway inflammation that is characterized by difficulty in breathing and sometimes chest pain. Most people experience bronchospasms and chest tightness and people use inhalers to feel relieved and feel normal once. Asthmatic attacks is not a problem of your lungs but rather immunity overreaction due to certain allergens. Once the person is not exposed to such allergens, it is uncommon for the asthmatic attack to occur. Symptoms are worse at night and during exercise but mostly it is experienced where dust is common and where fumes of smoke and other chemicals are present.

Signs and Symptoms

  •         Wheezing
  •         Shortness of breath
  •         Chest tightness
  •         Coughing

Depending on forced Expiratory volume in one second and peak expiratory flow rate, asthma can be termed as either severe or non-severe. Severe asthma is regarded as a medical emergency because it could lead to a complete respiratory shut down. There is no ultimate cure for asthma in allopathy so medication to control immune reaction against allergens are always used. If you don’t experience any kind of relief, you need to be admitted and receive advanced medications like aminophylline. Keep in mind that you need to always walk around with an inhaler to relieve yourself of the symptoms and difficulty breathing in the event of an asthmatic attack.

Causes and Risk Factors

  •         Environmental factors
  •         Positive genetic history in your family
  •         Medical conditions like Atopic dermatitis can contribute to asthma
  •         Exacerbation

Reasons why immune response is intense & is not known because people always experience the condition without prior health conditions.

Homeopathic Interventions of Bronchial asthma

There are many homeopathic medicines which helps you to get relief from the symptoms,. Your homeopathy physician can look at your situation and select the best suitable medicine. Doctor can select two or more medicines to bring the complete relief from symptoms. 

  •         Aconitum napellus - This medicine helps to increase airway opening leading to complete elimination of shortness of breath. This medicine is used in the initial stage of the disease. 
  •         Antim Tart - It is very effective medicine because it reduces secretions in your chest and lungs especially in children thereby reducing chest congestion. 
  •         Aralia racemosa - It relieves your chest tightness so you cannot feel any pain
  •         Bromium- It is indicated for those who experience a severe coughing episode, you can always get the best relief when you use this medication. It contains cough suppressing factors making your chest to relax from coughing


To conclude, Homeopathy approach can offer you complete relief if administered by an experienced homeopathic doctor. Using Homeopathic treatment you can prevent from having frequent asthmatic attacks since the immune system will be regulated and normalized. Once your immune system does not react to allergens and other kinds of antigens, you will not experience any kind of asthmatic attacks.


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