Adenoiditis refers to inflammation of your adenoid tissue. The adenoid tissue is normally located behind the nasal cavity and just like your lymph nodes, it helps in producing immune cells. Inflammation is caused by bacterial infection. Its infection compromises the function of adenoids and also yields a certain kind of discomfort.  It is not serious but if left untreated, it could lead to serious complications like difficulty in breathing due to blockage of the airway. Infection that stays in adenoids for long could lead to an ear infection and even tonsillitis.

Signs and Symptoms of the Condition

Signs and symptoms may be confused to be of those of upper respiratory tract infection. Proper examination by an expert can reveal swollen adenoids so you need to make sure you are properly examined before a diagnosis can be made. Optical fiber endoscopy can be used to make a diagnosis.

  •         Fever
  •         Runny nose
  •         Nasal Airway obstruction
  •         Snoring and Sleep Apnea
  •         Enlarged adenoids

The more the infection stays, the more complications occur and it will be difficult for you to even breathe. Persistent infections put your tonsils and ears at risk of infection so you need to seek immediate medical intervention for you to receive the best outcomes.

Diagnosis of the Condition

  •         Throat examination, use swabs to obtain fluids for examination
  •         Blood culture to see the causative agents
  •         X-ray can be done to see the extent of swelling of the adenoids

Homeopathic Interventions on Adenoiditis

  •         Belladonna-This is the best kind of treatment that you can use to reduce inflammation of adenoids and make sure you clear the breathing pathway
  •       Hepar sulph-It reduces swelling and fights off microbes making you to feel relieved at all times, it also works to reduce fluid that comes from a lot of inflammation
  •       Silicea-It works to ensure you don’t feel any kind of pain on your throat and makes any wounds to heal leaving you free and wonderful. Most people use it the infection is recurrent and they cannot continue to use lots of medications at all times.
  •       Calcarea-  A medicine that helps to fight infection that has spread to your ears. You will enjoy excellent outcomes because it penetrates and clears all pathogens making you to feel better. Bacteria cannot survive under this treatment so the infective or pathogenic aspect of the bacteria will be completely erased leading a good adenoid health.


Adenoids infection should be treated quickly to prevent any complications from occurring. Your homeopathic doctor will examine you and will know the kind of interventions to take so that you feel better and prevent any kind of future infections. Two or more medicines can be combined to yield a quick healing. It all depends on the severity of your condition. Doses vary and duration of treatment also vary but persistent is needed to make sure the bacteria causing the infection does not become resistant at any point. Homeopathy medicines cure the problem permanently if you follow proper course of medications. 

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